About the Critic

Hello Internet!

Wave to all the nice internet people!

My name is Caitlin  and I’m a University of Florida video production major with a concentration in film studies. I love movies!

Shameless Selfie

Shameless Selfie

What I love more than watching movies is talking about them. I’m here to tell you what Netflix movies to watch! The reason for Netflix is because I’m poor! You’re probably poor too! How fun is that?

Let me tell you: no fun at all.

Most of the movies I’ve analyzed aren’t available on Netflix, but I can tell you that there are some fantastic gems available to the average broke college film lover. Netflix is a great resource for honing your taste in movies. This blog is for the person who wants to watch good movies but doesn’t want to spend that money that could go to other fun stuff, like unnecessary textbooks or not starving.

I’ll try to make this blog as entertaining as possible with my undeniable wit and charm, along with the help of some GIFS. Hopefully these reviews will help you discover your taste.

Happy watching!


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